Steps Of Buying Property In Turkey

  1. Find a property

Arrange a viewing appointment with Falcon Estates to see a range of properties in different areas within your price range.  You will be able to ‘view’ off plan projects which are usually good value for money.  Ensure you understand any additional costs involved, for example maintenance charges.

  1. Agree a price with the seller

Falcon Estates will arrange a meeting with the seller and help you to negotiate a price for the property.  A search is carried out with the Land Registry to ensure that the land the property stands on is owned by the same person whose name is on the title deeds. 

  1. Have your passport translated and  officiated by a Notary

Falcon Estates will then arrange for your passport to be translated by an independent Government translator, and officiated by a Notary.  This usually takes about one hour and then your passport is returned.  You will need 4 passport sized photos with you for this and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) application.

  1. Go to a solicitor and draw up a contract with the seller

A contract is drawn up between you and the seller, in the presence of Falcon Estates and a translator.  The solicitor will ensure that all the terms and conditions of the sale are correctly noted and included in the contract.  All parties sign the contract, which will be witnessed by the solicitor, the official translator and by a representative of Falcon Estates.

  1. Give Falcon Estates Power of Attorney through a Notary to complete your purchase

Once you have returned home it won’t be necessary for you to return to Turkey until after completion if you give Falcon Estates Power of Attorney to complete the purchase on your behalf.  This means that we can send your MoD application, sign deed work etc in your absence.  It does not give us access to your bank account or enable us to purchase a different property or sell the property for you.

  1. Pay a deposit to the seller

At this stage the seller will want a deposit, usually about 10% of the purchase price, to secure the sale and relinquish the deeds.  Many owners will accept a goodwill deposit of about £500 if you transfer the remaining amount within a week of returning to the UK.

  1. Open a sterling bank account at a Turkish bank

Falcon Estates will go with you to register at the tax office for a tax number and then to open a sterling account at a Turkish bank.  Any further money you need to pay can be transferred from your UK bank account to this one.  Then all you have to do is send a fax from the UK to the Turkish bank authorising the collection of a certain amount of money from your account by Falcon Estates.  Remember to leave the account number with Falcon Estates in Turkey.

  1. Send an application to the Ministry of Defence for permission to reside in the property

An application will be sent with the property’s title deeds by Falcon Estates to the Ministry of Defence in Izmir for permission to reside in the property (all foreigners purchasing in Turkey have to follow this procedure every time they buy).  The application takes between 6 and 12 weeks to be returned. 

  1. Pay the balance and remaining purchase costs

Once the reply is received by Falcon Estates from the MoD the final balance is required to complete the deed work and pay the seller.  This payment can be made by bank transfer to Falcon Estates.

  1. Register deeds under your name

Falcon Estates will complete the deed work on receipt of the final payment.  The title deeds will be registered under your name, and the property will be legally yours.