Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Buying Process in Turkey?

Foreigners are perfectly entitled to purchase property or land in Turkey under their own name providing the area the property or land is in comes under the local council’s jurisdiction.

Once you have found the property you want the following steps should be followed. Falcon Estates will be there to guide and assist you through this whole procedure:

  • A search is carried out with the Land registry to ensure that the land / the property stands on is owned by the same person whose name is on the title deeds.
  • Your passports need to be officially translated by an independent Government translator, then officiated by the Noter.
  • The contract & conveyancing should then be completed 
  • A deposit will be required to secure the property and for the owner to relinquish the deeds.
  • Once the deposit has been paid the title deeds are sent together with the application for your permission to live in the property to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in Izmir. This takes approximately 6-12 weeks.
  • Once the permission has been received we request final payment. On receiving the final payment we then register the title deeds under your name.


What documents do I need to purchase a property in Turkey?

Your passport details are required to purchase a property in Turkey, along with a tax number. Our staff will take you to the tax office and help you to get a tax number which should be completed in 15 minutes. You will also need two passport sized photos (which can be taken in Turkey in a few minutes) to be used in the Deed Office. 

What are the costs for purchasing a property in Turkey?

Once you have decided on purchasing a property, before signing the contract with the seller we will fully inform you with the purchasing costs which will include the following.
  • Notary fees including official translations, approximately cost £100/150
  • MoD application fees, including council maps which should be sent to MOD approximately cost £600.
  • Purchase tax which should be paid at the time of the completion is, 3% of the registered value of the property. We will inform you with the amount of this fee at the contract stage.
  • Other fees such as DASK (compulsory earthquake insurance which should be declared to the land registry office at time of the completion) and some other registration fees approximately cost £150.
  • Water & electric meter registrations under the new owner’s name cost approximately £160
  • Estate agent fee is 3% of the sale price of the property

Please note that the figures given for the purchase costs are approximate and vary according to each property. The figures given at the time of purchase are superseded if different to the above.

Do we need a lawyer to buy a property in Turkey?

It is not compulsory to use a lawyer to buy a property in Turkey, as we, your estate agent could follow all the necessary procedures on your behalf to complete the purchase.  If a buyer prefers to hire his own lawyer to act on his behalf, we can recommend some of the English speaking lawyers in the area.
Lawyers charge between £500 and £1000 for their services excluding the purchase costs which are listed above.

What are the ongoing costs for a property ?

Electric Services
Electric bills are issued monthly. Direct debit arrangements can be made for the payment of electricity bills through the Turkish bank account you will have opened. There is a significant charge for overdue bills.

Water bills are issued every two months. They can be paid through automatic bank transfers, at banks specified, or at your district's Water Department General Office.

Property Tax
Normally paid twice yearly, based on a fixed percentage of the declared value. After completing the purchase, we will make sure your ownership of the property is registered with the council.  You can visit the council office annually (before 31st May) to find out the amount of tax due and make the payments.